Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Blog Is Up and Running!

Hi everyone!

Natural Selection is pushing forward! As more and more of the crew shows up in Smithville, TX, and as our locations list comes closer and closer to being locked, it's definitely starting to feel like we're about to film a movie.

The fine folk of Smithville have been nothing but accommodating in our time here, and as a tip of our hat to their friendliness, eagerness to help, and wonderful hospitality, I thought I'd let y'all in on a little profile of the town that we've come to know as our home away from home.

Smithville was founded in 1827 when Thomas Gazley put up stakes and founded a small general store. When a railroad ran out to the town in 1887, the town's population "boomed", up to a respectable 2,577 residents, a number it hasn't strayed far from in the years since.

Smithville's current population numbers a healthy 4,000, of which several notable people have sprung. Thomas Carter, director of Swing Kids, Save the Last Dance, and Coach Carter, hails from Smithville, as does the late DJ Screw, a pioneer of the Houston hip hop scene.

Smithville really put itself on the map in 1998, when it opened it's arms to Hope Floats, filmed entirely in Smithville. Since then, Smithville has been a hotbed for small film production. Even Brad Pitt has been spotted recently, in town to film Terence Malick's latest production, The Tree of Life.

But don't think this little town is growing up too fast! Smithville still keeps to its roots: the only fast food restraunt is Dairy Queen (no McDonalds!), and local business still rules the day!

For the fine folks of Smithville, they wouldn't have it any other way.